Monday, July 2, 2012

Sony's Breaking News

Sony,a Famous Brand Name in the Field of Electronics, spended a huge amount of $380 Million to buy a California-based cloud gaming platform company i.e. GAIKAI Main goal of Combining Gaikai Technology with the Sony's technology is to provide users a unparalleled Cloud Gaming experience.
Afterthat Sony provides a world class service to its users of cloud streaming which allows them to enjoy games from low to Very high Rich Quality Graphics on any device connected to the Internet from anywhere.

Gaikai ,established in 2008, provides games for Samsung, LG & Sony's Smart TVs. David Perry, CEO at Gaikai Inc., said "Sony has combined an incredible brand with Playstation and gain the respect of millions of games from all over the World."


Anonymous said...

hey thnx yr
thnx to sony for this
i love sony playstation

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